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Firearms Matches


For those interested in shooting some longer range targets, we will be having precision rifle matches the first Saturday of the month from April through September. We will be engaging targets from 10 yds to around 1400 yds.

We will be having monthly precision rifle matches from April thru Sept.
Schedule is below:

2017 Match Dates


April 1 & 2 Precision Rifle Series – points race match – must be registered to compete.
May 6 & 7 Monthly Precision Rifle Match
June 3 & 4 Monthly Precision Rifle Match
June 10 Team Match
July 8 & 9 Monthly Precision Rifle Match
August 5 & 6 Monthly Precision Rifle Match
September 2 Spearpoint Precision Rifle Match Finale
September 30 KPRC Finale

These two matches will be the exact same match both days so you can pick which day you would like to shoot or double your fun and shoot both days.

Each day’s match will be scored against that day’s shooters so shooting conditions will be comparable. Round count for these matches will be 80 rounds.


Signup from 8:30 to 9:00. Safety briefing at 9:00 then we begin shooting.


2016 KPRC Points Race Winners


The majority of the rifle shots will be in the 500 to 800 yd range. We will be shooting a fair amount of steel so no steel core ammunition allowed. This will be for .300 mag or smaller.


Bring spotting scopes and LRFs if you have them. You may also want to bring a bipod or pack to rest a rifle on, ground pad, elbow and knee pads, ballistics charts or calculators, binoculars and of course eye and ear protection. Bring a towel or blanket to cover your weapon to protect it from the sun. You will also want to bring a lunch and something to drink and possibly a chair.


These matches are designed to be fun and to learn as much about long distance precision shooting as possible.


N 39 degrees 07.795′

W 098 degrees 06.299′

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